I created Infotastical after I realized I was trawling through r/dataisbeautiful way too much than I should have been. It’s a platform where I can share and discuss small (or big) revelations or observations in society through cool visualizations (a.k.a. making observations through pretty pictures).
The larger, overarching idea is social activism through data science and data visualization. I try to takes advantage of our data-rich world (check out Google Dataset Search or Kaggle) to bridge the gap between accessible raw data and political/social discussion (see fivethirtyeight.com). Where one would write and publish an opinions/commentary article on a social issue, or draw a political cartoon, I would use the quantitative/data evidence to prove a point or bring awareness to an issue. Right now I’ve been focused on education inequality and voting rights, but I’m open to any or all suggestions. Contact me if you want to propose anything to look into.