Dreams, and the Unfortunate Data


This MLK Jr. Day special is dedicated to those in society who don’t have the means to reach their dreams––those marginalized, discriminated, and demeaned. This is for you. 

As sad as it is to say, and as much as I wish that these statistics and information is fabricated and untrue, this is a harsh and grim reality that we live in. We take a look at three health indicators to reveal some marginalized populations within our society. These are the ones who don’t have access to sufficient healthcare, who (sadly) aren’t educated to a certain extent about their choices, and those who do not have much access to the same support and systems like you and me. Enough has certainly been said about what we can do about it, and enough has certainly been revealed about the situations of these people in our society. I can’t speak to (nor propose) grande and pompous proposals that will ‘save mankind’ or ‘liberate all’; but I do know that being mindful that this is happening around us is a first step that we can take.

We start off with teen birth rates in the United States, sorted by race1. It’s unfortunate to see that this reflects quite accurately the story of privilege and education in our society. The silver lining, however, is that it has been decreasing across the board for all groups.

Next up is obesity by the various races.2

And last but certainly not least, NYC’s OpenData3 has published the number of AIDS and HIV cases throughout the city, including demographics of the diagnosees.

These true numbers speak magnitudes greater than words. Check out the sites of the sources, be mindful of these, and know that these are but 3 needles in a huge haystack of evidence and problems with the paradigm of our society.

  1. From the CD’s National Center for Health Statistics: Teen Birth Rates (See Also: Births and Birth Rate Data).
  2. Kaiser Family Fund: Overweight and Obesity Rates for Adults by Race/Ethnicity
  3. NYC OpenData: HIV/AIDS Diagnoses by Neighborhood, Age Group, and Race/Ethnicity
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