Popular Words in Christmas Songs


So I decided to make something special and different for the holiday season. While I was listening to some excellently curated Christmas music on the radio when I was on the car, I thought of taking a look at words that are common in Christmas musics. I got a list1 of some of the most popular Christmas songs (35 exactly) from Billboard and Ranker.com and separated all the words out using Google sheets (split by space-character). I then used Tableau to get a general idea of the bar graph and took the counts of the most popular words (I also removed the propositions, articles like ‘a’ or ‘the’, and the like). To be extra-festive, I decided to color in the bar chart with green and red. I took a sheet of the counts and made the final graph in Illustrator. Here it is:

A bar graph showing words and their appearance frequencies in Christmas songs.


  • As expected, ‘Christmas’ is the most popular word.
  • ‘Santa’ and ‘Claus’ show up quite a lot.
  • Some words were brought up as the lyrics to their song was naturally longer, maybe I could develop a weighting system for each individual word based on the length of the song, but that would be over complicated.
  • I love words like ‘night’, ‘sleigh’, ‘joy’, ‘angels’, ‘singing’, ‘jingle’. They emit such a Christmassy vibe.
  1. Raw data here
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